Privacy issue

The collection of Mobile Advertising ID (MAID)

Data subjects (users) can easily change MAID from time to time because MAID is auto-updated when users change or reset their devices, and it is not considered to be personal information in general. Meanwhile, there are both opt-in and opt-out options for users to take action to avoid the tracking of their digital footprints.

OS-based opt-out setting


Prior to iOS 14, the OS system offers two methods for users to opt out of the tracking of IDFA. 

OS-based opt-out setting


Generally, Android devices offer two methods related to privacy protection. 

For iOS, if LAT is off, Apps are able to track user's IDFA.

For Android, device's AAID can be seen under Setting -> Google -> Ads as well.

OS-based opt-in setting


Starting with Apple’s iOS 14 update, LAT was replaced with ATT.

App-based opt-in setting

Data SDK suggests App owner provide App’s own privacy policy and terms of use for users to choose whether to agree with the data tracking by SDK or not. Please contact Vpon’s business representative for detailed implementation methods.

A pop-up window is essential to get user's permission of the data collection.

If Allow Apps to Request to Track is off, all Apps are not allowed to track IDFA, and no more ATT pop-up window will be displayed. 

If Allow Apps to Request to Track is on, users can decide the tracking permission of different Apps.