What does Data SDK collect?

When users trigger a desired event, Data SDK will automatically assemble the data fields by default including Permission, Device, Geolocation, Network, and App-related data. Please see the below table for detailed explanations of Data SDK default-collected data fields. In addition to these fields, if App owners want to pass other customized data fields to Data SDK, please reach out to datasdk.support@vpon.com to inquire about payload suggestions.

GPS vs IP-based data

The mobile device uses a fusion algorithm, a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi, and cell tower signals, to gather not only accurate but also high-speed geolocation. Data SDK collects both GPS and IP-based geolocation data.


GPS is the most accurate one but slow-speed, and limited in city areas. The IP address is another common geolocation data source, and it is easy to be collected from all internet-connected devices. The accuracy is low or undefined according to the IP database, and it’s easy to be changed by using VPN.

Data application

GPS-based and IP-based geolocation can fulfill different business needs. For example, if an App wants to analyze user’s travel routes, geolocation data with high accuracy will be required and GPS-based geolocation is suitable for it. On the other hand, if an EC App wants to do A/B testing according to user’s country, IP-based geolocation data should be good enough for the analysis.

Default-collected Data Schema

Data SDK schema