Client's benefits

Understand Traffic Trend

Data SDK enables App owners to observe the traffic trend on the Traffic Analysis Dashboard.

This dashboard shows an overview of the number of event logs and unique devices for both iOS and Android systems. With this dashboard, App owners can realize the volume of active ID that can be used for retargeting and analysis while complying the privacy laws.

Realize Moving Behavior

Data SDK shows App owners the density of geolocation data via Geolocation Dashboard.

With precise latitude and longitude information, Data SDK empowers App owners to observe user’s footprints on the map and analyze potential popular point of interests (POI, a certain location that someone may find useful or interesting). With this technique, it’ll be easier for marketers to identify user’s interests, needs or characteristics and precisely target the audience via digital Ads for higher conversion rates and less marketing spend.

Enlarge User Base

Data SDK makes it easier for App owners to understand the comparison of their Apps among competitors via App Lookalike Dashboard.

The dashboard shows which similar apps users have installed. With this information, App owners are able to find out competitors and potential target audience so as to modify the contents to enlarge the user base.