User privacy

  • How does Data SDK obtain user consent?

App owners should have their own privacy statement to clearly address the use and collection of the data in either Terms of Use or Privacy Policy. Vpon only provides information about the data collection and data use of Data SDK for App owners to integrate into their own privacy statements.

It is suggested to declare why the data collection is needed, what kinds of data will be collected, when the data will be collected, who will have the access to the data, and how the data will be collected in your privacy statement. Should you need any further suggestions on the privacy statement, please reach out to: privacy.support@vpon.com.

  • Is the data storage location on Google Cloud able to be changed?

Yes, Vpon can help to change the data storage location to meet the client’s needs.

SDK tech-related

  • How is the data being collected?

Data SDK does not proactively ask user’s devices for data collection. App needs to have the legitimacy and the function to collect location data. App calls Data SDK to collect data via programming functions when desired events occur, such as when users open the App. The collected data will be transmitted to Vpon database via API afterwards.

  • Is Data SDK able to collect the data without App's awareness?

Some kinds of data are included in the schema that Data SDK collects by default. However, Data SDK is NOT able to automatically collect the data without App’s call function under specific desired events.

App developers are required to embed an “if statement” function into the App to identify user’s consent to the data collection. If the user does not agree to the data collection, Data SDK will not be called.

if user_consent = true

Call Data SDK

if user_consent = false

DO NOT call Data SDK

if user_consent = unknown

Request user’s consent status

  • What kinds of data does Data SDK collect?

Please check Data Collection page for the schema of the data that Data SDK collects by default.

  • Does Data SDK support Apps running in the background?

Data SDK is triggered by desired events in Apps. If Apps are running in the background, Apps still need to call Data SDK to start to collect data. Further tests are needed for this function. For any inquiries, please reach out to datasdk.support@vpon.com.

  • Are there any limitations on the OS version?

For iOS App, the OS version needs to be iOS 10.0 or later. For Android App, the OS version needs to be Android 5.0 or later.

  • Is it able to export the raw data to App owners and developers?

Raw data export is not included in our standardized service. Please contact Vpon's business representative if needed.

Data SDK vs Firebase

  • What are the key differences between Data SDK and Firebase SDK?

Data field is the key difference between Vpon Data SDK and Firebase SDK. For more information, please check the below chart.