Data SDK

When Geolocation Matters

Wants to explore more about Geolocation data? This solution is tailored for you!

With the prevalence of mobile phone and smartphone addiction, people are used to scrolling up and down for interested contents. However, as the average attention span on social medias decreases, do you still believe what users view represents what they are interested in? In fact, users' real-world geography activity reflects their interests more than what they view. That's why we have Data SDK for you!

Vpon Data Software Development Kit (Data SDK) collects geolocation data via Apps with precise latitude and longitude data, which makes it easier for you to get the full picture of your users and fully grasp user's online and offline behavior while complying with privacy issues. Interested in it? Scroll down to check more!

What does Data SDK collect?

Data SDK’s strongest point is to collect precise and accurate geolocation data under App user’s consent. Geolocation data can be used to observe user’s footprint and analyze potential popular point of interests (POI, a certain location that someone may find useful or interesting), which makes it easier to design business strategies and allocate marketing resources.

How it works?

Data SDK implements App data collection based on iOS and Android APIs. The data will be collected when some particular digital actions/events occur, such as launching an app, or clicking through an in-app button. The setup of these occurred or triggered events are flexible according to your App design and business requirements. 

What are the benefits?

Data SDK enables App owners to collect the 1st party data. The data can be used for various business purposes including but not limited to analytics and reporting, service enhancements and other business operations, audience segments for advertisement, and customer relationship management (CRM) tag.

Is the data storage safe?

The collected data will be saved properly in Google Cloud Platform (GCP), a suite of cloud computing services run by Google. For more information about GCP, please click Learn More button to check GCP’s introduction. 

To ensure data safety, Vpon not only leverages GCP’s high-secure infrastructure but also optimizes our system management. In 2022, Vpon receives ISO 27001 and 27701 certification, international standards to manage information security and privacy information separately. Following the ISO guidelines, Vpon implements the PDCA model to fulfill the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of our product. 

What about the privacy issue?

Data SDK only collects data from user’s devices with user consent, which means Data SDK only collects data under the condition that a user agrees to app developer’s terms of use or privacy policy.